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Timid Sexual Encounters - part 9

Chapter 15 - A new beginning
I am going to skip NS (as it all involved DIY-sex) and directly jump into my university life. I had not engage in a relationship after Germaine. It is not that I didn't want to, I just couldn't find the right person. All this changed on the day I met Alicia. She lives one floor above my hostel. For bros who are familiar with NTU, I lived in Hall 4 and although the place is a little bit old and worn down, the environment is nevertheless excellent, it has all the criteria for a good fuck -- quiet, discreet, near to Nanyang lake (good for pak-toh-ing).

Our hall had this orientation programme, which was how I first met her. Now, allow me describe her in better detail.

We were gathered on a semi-rounded area where the team leader briefed us on what was going to happen next, a beautiful girl sat beside me, it was Alicia. She wore a simple T-shirt (dark blue in color) and a skimpy shorts that fully revealed her perfect legs. She was easily the brightest spot on that day's event, as I was not the only color wolves who noticed her -- several fellow bros couldn't lift their eyes away from her, she was that stunningly beautiful.

She had short hair but was obviously planning to keep her hair long (judging on the way the hair is trimmed, slight layer and thin hair volume), she did not put on any makeup but her perfect skin more than made up for it. (It was after we got to know each other that I heard her friends telling me they thought she looks like Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen, and some say she looks like S.H.E's Hebe. To me, selfishly, I thought she bettered them all). She has this body that kills -- a perfectly propotioned bodyline that includes a pair of 34B tits (NS helped a lot ya, there were plenty of bros to help me out on this subject), a slim waistline and a flat bum (I didn't like big asses so it was perfect for me).

I brought up our first conversation, much to the envies of other color wolves surrounding her.

Me: Hey, you're from which floor?
A: Fort floor...
Me: You're not Singaporean?
A: My English very poor hor... I am Malaysian...
Me: No, not at all, its the slang that differentiates us...
(Changes to Mandarin)
Me: See, my mandarin also not good...
A: Hahahaha... thanks... let's talk in English, can help me improve my English...
(Changes back to English)
Me: Sure... my name's Jimmy (fake name la of course!), and you...?
A: Call me Alicia (fake name also ah!)...
Me: Which part of Malaysia do you live?
A: Johor Bahru... have you ever been there?
Me: Of course! I have lots of friends in JB, I used to go over for seafood once a month...
A: (100W smile) Really? I miss the food in JB...
Me: Your first time leaving home?
A: (Nods) Although not far away, but the culture here is totally different...

As we were talking, we did not pay attention to what the team leader had to say. After all, it wasn't important to me, speaking with an Angel like Alicia was of utmost importance at that time. It was like love at first sight... she was THAT good.

Me: I understand... its like me first going to NS...
A: What is NS?
Me: Oh... it means national service... sorry har, should have explained to you first. All guys in Singapore, will need to join the army for 2 years...
A: Oh I heard about it... hehe...
Me: Oh ya, how long have you been in Singapore?
A: This is my third day here only... why?
Me: Do you have a handphone?
A: No... I asked around, for foreigners we need to pay 200 dollars deposit...
Me: I see.. very bad hor... you mind if i ask you something?
A: Ya?
Me: I can apply a phone line on your behalf, it will be under my name, you just pay me the phone bill every month la... how does that sound?
A: (100W smile again, I was totally in love with her smile) Really? Thats very nice of you! Thanks!
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday, shall we go Jurong Point to get you a phone?
A: Where is Jurong Point (super blur sotong)
Me: You didn't come here by bus?
A: No... my sis drove me from JB... and I didn't step out of this campus the past two days.
Me: I see... can can... I'll take you around tomorrow.
A: Thanks... you are so nice (Mega watt smile).

As you can see from the conversation above, Alicia is a cheerful, yet pure (and innocent) girl. I thought it was due to where she come from, as her fellow classmates (from secondary school) are all very kind and innocent people (innocent as in, they trust people completely, not doubting one might take advantage of them), I liked them very much (but that is another story, and has no sexual content, so I am going to skip it).

As the event ended, we parted ways as I was hungry and headed for the canteen for dinner. Alicia went back to her room.

Chapter 16
Sorry ah bros... sorry for being so long-winded. I couldn't help but to describe Alicia with so much details. To me it is something more than sex, I call it love.

The Saturday morning begins with me knocking on Alicia's door, she opened and greeted me in the most mesmerising way. It is like surrendering yourself to an angel -- in heaven. She was ready to leave and thus I didn't get to peek at her room (a bit disappointed). We proceeded to the bus stop.

Alicia wore a simple white blouse and a pair of tight jeans (Levi's 593), she doesn't wear any perfume nor makeup, but she still looks lovely. We boarded the bus and found out that she hasn't a bus card (not using EZLink card then...), I paid coins for her, and promised to bring her to make a student's concession card at the bus terminal later, she thanked me again.

The day is a perfect one, I hadn't gone out with a girl for the past few years, and I fully appreciated the feeling of having somebody's companying you. It was sweet, as she seemed curious about almost everything (from the bus fare card to the models of handphones available to the foods selling at the foodcourt, EVERYTHING). I patiently explained everything, sometimes using my half-broken Chinese, which made her laugh a lot. At the end of the day, I helped her sign up a line and got her a Nokia 3210 (a top model back that time ok?), she promised to pay me back the money when her pocket money arrives next month. I also got her the student's concession card, and a sumptuous dinner at the food court on the third floor.

Throughout our outing (I wouldn't even call it date as I didn't hold her hand nor tr to hold her...) we talked a lot, about herself, her family, her secondary school life. I got to know that she had not been in a relationship and was a bookworm throughout her school days, she also told me that she was very lucky to have me help her out in getting a phone line.

Me: Its almost 9 pm, time to go back.
A: Wait a minute... can accompany me go 7-11?
Me: Sure.

Alicia bought a giant slurpee, and handed it over to me.

Me: For me?
A: Ya, from me.
Me: Why?
A: Thank you gift lor... hehe...
Me: But I can't bring this on to the bus, its illegal leh...
A: Ah??????????????????????
Me: How...
A: So sorry... I go ask for a refund from them~~
Me: No need la... I don't think this thing can refund...
A: Then how... (very guilty look)
Me: Keke... see~

I wallopped the whole drink in 2 minute's time, she was astonished. My tummy was having cramps, head buzzing because the slurpee was too cold to consume.

A: You don't need to do that...
Me: Never mind... its from you, I die die also must finish that ma...
A: Really...
Me: Never reject a gal's offer, my dad always tell me that leh...
A: (Finally smiles) Hehe... thank you...
Me: Now, shall we go?
A: Sure~

On our way back we didn't talk much, as she soon fell asleep on the bus (must be too tired walking here and there). Watching her sleep somehow made me feel at peace (not at beast ), I had to shake her up when the bus reached our bus stop, that was our first physical contact. Although it wasn't intimate at all, I was content.

And so, I was the first guy to possess the phone number of the prettiest girl in our hall~

After about 2 weeks, our relationship had steadily improved and she starts to notice my feelings for her. I was not the only guy who tried to woo her, there was at least 3 other guys who treated her very well and offered help for virtually any kind... trying to please her and hope that she will accept them. There was this guy who helped Alicia purchased a computer (through the school's PC loan), and there was another guy who helped her setup her ICQ and IRC account... I was jealous, but I stood my ground and continued asking her out for dinner everyday, although it does not result in successful attempts always, I was happy that she was willing to have dinner with me on most of the days, albeit having to eat with her other friends.

It was during one of the occassions where we had dinner alone, just the two of us, she popped out the question.

A: Eh... I ask you...
Me: Ya?
A: Why are you so good to me?
Me: .... (Stunned)
A: You like me is it?
Me: .... Ah... YES
A: Hehe... that was also what my friends told me, they told me you've treated me exceptionally well...
Me: Got what use... so many people woo you...
A: But I don't like them... they're too... noisy.
Me: Annoying?
A: Ya... annoying, cannot stop talking when I was with them, I felt more at ease with you.
Me: So, you willing to be my girlfriend?
A: .... (Nod nod) But you don't mind I am a Malaysian?
Me: For god's sake why would I mind?
A: ... Hehehe... good...

To speak frankly, I have forgotten how did the economic rice taste like that time, but I can hear bird sing, sun shining from the ceiling and angels singing around me.

Ok bros, now on to the main dish...

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